Reliability and flexibiliy are our strengths

Our success lies in the quality of the products, competitive prices, in cutting-edge technologies and in a highly specialized production system!

Calzificio Alessandra

Hosiery and Seamless Production

The success and appreciation of Calzificio Alessandra grow out of product quality, competitive prices, cutting-edge technology and advanced machines, making our Company the perfect partner for leaders in organized distribution and major fashion brands!

We pursue reliability and accuracy as our daily goals, strengthening our professional commitment and effort, in order to develop new collections for women who wish to evolve, stand out, and shine.

Besides main yarns like polyamide, we also employ and blend mélange, wool, viscose, shiny and metal yarns.

We also carefully design applications. Brooches, bows, and organza always add some style to our items. Not to mention lace, with geo and floral patterns that are essential in a woman’s closet.

Our collections

  • Tights Production

    Tights Production

    Woman Tights Production

  • Underwear Production

    Underwear Production

    Woman’s and Man’s underwear

  • Body Shaping

    Body Shaping

    Production of shaping underwear and tights

  • Sportswear


    Production of sportswear