Calzificio Alessandra

Established in 1986 in Casaloldo (Mantova), Calzificio Alessandra has been operating for a number of years in the field of textile production (hosiery, basic, shaping, and sports underwear). Characterized by high reliability and accuracy, the Company aims to meet client needs in a fast and trustworthy way, guaranteeing “Made in Italy” renowned high quality.

During each production phase, all products undergo extensive checks, in order to provide customers with products that are carefully refined in great detail. This process always takes into account client needs and style, which are growing increasingly demanding and attentive.

Hosiery production

Woman and Girls tight production

Production of a wide range of excellent socks and tights, produced with the best and most refined yarns, characterized by our signature reliability and high quality.

Underwear Production

Woman’s and Man’s seamless production

We offer a wide range of seamless items: brassieres, briefs, t-shirts, leggings, and boxers. Both female and male underwear provide comfort and exquisite design.

Body Shaping Products

Body Shaping tights and underwear production

We offer to our customers shaping items that enhance their silhouette and guarantee maximum comfort, including brassieres, push-up tights, body shapes, and high-leg girdles.

Sportswear Production

Sportswear Production for man and woman

We offer a wide range of sports items production, in order to provide our customers with high comfort and performance.

Over our many years of experience, we have developed trendy and innovative collections, achieving world-wide popularity and a leading position in the market field.
Il Calzificio Alessandra manufactures hosiery and underwear abiding by a long-standing handicraft tradition. Therefore, we are capable of combining past and present, keeping pace with current developments. In this perspective, we employ cutting-edge technology to quickly and efficiently meet the requirements of an increasingly expanding market.
The Company has a highly technical and specialized structure, resulting in a comprehensive production process that includes weaving, seam stitching, dyeing, and packaging. This is a flexible environment that suits any specialized distribution channel, with special reference to Private Labelling.